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HC1510 1/2" Copper Discharge Tube HC1510 Our 12" copper discharge tube is fitted with a 1/2" NPT fitting for attaching directly to the ASCO valve. This optional accessory creates a dramatic sound effects with rapid machine gun patterns.
  • Heavy-duty copper
  • Cool sound effects!
Copper Discharge Tube
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HC0101/103 3' & 15' trigger cables with RCA-RCA terminations HC0103 Use these optional trigger cables with any of our triggerable devices or supply your own! Standard RCA connectors are used for all of our triggering interconnections.
  • versatile
  • RCA connectors prewired
RCA Trigger Cables
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HC224 Replacement 24VAC Power Dongle HC224 NOTE: This is a 24V-AC OUTPUT with 5.5mm/2.1mm plug. DO NOT replace with a DC output supply. The controller will not work with DC and may be damaged. This voids your warrantee.
  • 24VAC output
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm connector
24VAC Power Dongle Replacement
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