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Haunted Air Cannon Products (Limited Supply Available)
PowerBlaster 3E Pneumatic Air Cannon
Basic System
KHC1414E Our 6th Generation PowerBlaster!!!! Giving you even more options! This is just what you need for your Haunt! The PowerBlaster 3E gives you 30 different Blaster special effects! The PowerBlaster 3E Controller is easier than ever to set up. One switch on the Controller selects 1 of 30 effect patterns. You add only an air compressor and trigger source! The PowerBlaster 3E, like the previous models, operated from 24VAC, for a safe installation in any indoor event. A new controller mount on valve has unitized the assembly and allows us to offer the system with or without the 7 G air tank. Save on the tank and shipping costs by providing your own!
  • PowerBlaster 3E 30-channel Controller - microprocessor controlled with Aux trigger output
  • 7 gal air tank (OPTIONAL) (Color may vary)
  • power supply
  • industrial 1/2" ASCO valve, manifold, gauge, safety relief, quick-connect air fitting

  • HC1414E manual
  • HC1414EC manual
  • HC1414ECP S0 manual
PowerBlaster 3E w/o 7g Tank
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PowerBlaster 3E w/7g Tank
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Hand-held Machine Gun Kit
HC1414EKH This kit includes our 30 pattern 6th Generation PowerBlaster along with our HC0109 integrated trigger gun and industrial hose. Just attach the hose to the valve, plug in the trigger cable and select one of 15 fully automatic or semi-automatic firing patterns. (Fifteen (15) more patterns are available if you want to also use your PowerBlaster with a pressure pad or motion sensor at another time!) Save on the tank and shipping costs by providing your own!

Kit KH includes strobe, while KHB is without strobe.

PowerBlaster 3E MachGun w/o 7g Tank
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PowerBlaster 3E MachGun w/7g Tank
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