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HC0109 Hand-held Air Machine Gun HC0109-2 Our Hand-held Machine Gun is an integrated air-discharge with built-in triggering and a 5/8" air linking hose with integral triggering cable. This great prop provides your actors with a one-handed means of spraying visitors with machine-gun air-blasts to scare the crap out of them! Just connect the air hose to the male hose fitting on your PowerBlaster, plug in the trigger cable and select your firing pattern on the controller! Heave-duty, non-kinking industrial hose. Rugged steel gun coupler. Combine with our HC1200EB synchronized PowerStrobe for a terror-ific effect!
Handheld Air Machine Gun Kit
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HC0105B Manual Push Button Switch HC0105B2 A rugged and simple manual triggering pushbutton on an 18 foot cable. It will provide a reliable triggering action by actors or operators in a variety of situations beyond just triggering our air cannons.
Manual Pushbutton Trigger
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