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TTS Tool Rack

I have owned a PCNC-770 Series 3 for about 9 years. In general, it has functioned very well and paid for itself in less than a year! Because I am left-handed, it was most convenient to set up the monitor and keyboard arm on the left side of the machine. That left the right side of the controller free of attachments.

I do a lot of machining with 1/8" shank tooling, and as such I have quite a few 1/8" TTS collet holders in adition to the usual selection of larger toolholders. I wanted a tool holder rack that was at a convenient height and within reach when standing directly in front of the spindle.

I also wanted it to swing and swivel in and out of my reach as needed to access the control panel. I ended up being able to fit an array of 25 TTS holders in a frame about 10" on a side. The holder frame is just welded 1/2" box tube, And the arm is made of 1" box tube. I used 1/2" plywood for the support deck.

Figure 1 & 2 show the rack deck loaded with tool holders. It is held at a slight presentation angle by the kink in the arm at the back (Figure 5.) Figure 3 shows the under-side where the swivel bold is located. The arm can articulate at each joint, so that the entire assembly can be pulled out and pushed away as needed.

The bar mounting the arm to the Tormach control box is just a galvanized barn gate hinge component. The bolt takes the place of the swing-gate pin. I hope this give some machinists new ideas for their mills.

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