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HC0101/103 3' & 15' trigger cables with RCA-RCA terminations HC0103 Use these optional trigger cables with any of our triggerable devices or supply your own! Standard RCA connectors are used for all of our triggering interconnections.
  • versatile
  • RCA connectors prewired
RCA Trigger Cables
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HC224 Replacement 24VAC Power Dongle HC224 NOTE: This is a 24V-AC OUTPUT with 5.5mm/2.1mm plug. DO NOT replace with a DC output supply. The controller will not work with DC and may be damaged. This voids your warrantee.
  • 24VAC output
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm connector
24VAC Power Dongle Replacement
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HC1409/NS Valve & Manifold Assembly HC1409NS Complete valve and piping manifold with quick connect, safety valve & gauge.

HC1409NS suffix for HC1414E series controller

HC1409 suffix for HC1414B series controller

  • includes new style control mount
Valve & Manifold Assy
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HC1414EC PowerBlaster IIIE Controller - WAS $399.95 HC1414EC HC1414EC
  • 30-channel electronic controller replacement.
  • Order HC224 24VAC power supply separately.
PowerBlaster IIIE Controller
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HC1414BC PowerBlaster IIIB Controller - WAS $379.95 HC1414BC
  • 9-channel electronic controller replacement.
  • Order HC224 24VAC power supply separately.
PowerBlaster IIIB Controller
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HC0108/9 Hand-held Machine Gun Hose HC0108/9 Hand-held Machine Gun replacement hose. Use 9' length for close-in tight spaces, or 15' length for actor range flexibility!
  • suffix '8' is 9' long
  • suffix '9' is 15' long
  • integrated trigger wire
  • NOTE: NOT for swivel Q-connect gun (Call for repair or replace)
Handheld Machine Gun Hose Replacement
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HC1409S/NS ASCO 238210-005D Coil w/1/4" plug HC1409S/NS Replacement Coil with 1/4" Power Connector
  • suffix 'NS' is for HC1414EC series controller - NO coaxial in-line power
  • suffix 'S' is for HC1414BC series controller - HAS coaxial in-line power
ASCO Coil w/1/4" plug
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